What is required of individual members of the Twin Ports Women’s Foundation?

You must be a woman at least 21 years old. Members pledge to donate $550 annually for 2 years. All members are encouraged to choose their own level of involvement. Some members simply like knowing that their donation will be put to good use in the community, others may want to participate in an educational opportunity and some may want to be part of the review process and choosing the finalists. Regardless of your level of participation, all members are given the opportunity to vote for the grant recipients.

Who are the members of the Twin Ports Women’s Foundation?

The Twin Ports Women’s Foundation is a diverse group of women who contribute $550 annually to maintain their membership in any given year.

Why should I consider being a Twin Ports Women’s Foundation member?

As women, we lead busy lives, but are we busy making an impact? This is your opportunity to come together with other women to award a nonprofit organization a transformative grant that makes a lasting impact on our community.

How does the Twin Ports Women’s Foundation stay in touch with its members?

We communicate with our members by email and we may also send communications by U.S. mail.

Is my donation to the Twin Ports Women’s Foundation tax deductible?

Yes. Contributions are tax-deductible for the year in which the donation was made. The Twin Ports Women’s Foundation is a part of the St. Paul and Minnesota Community Foundation which is a 501(c)(3) organization.

I would like to contribute more than $550. Do I get more than one vote?

No. Twin Ports Women’s Foundation’s founding principle is “one woman, one vote”.

How are operational and membership expenses covered?

A portion of your annual commitment of $550 covers operational and membership expenses. $500 of the donation is dedicated to our yearly grants. The remaining $50 goes to support the administrative costs (website, mailings, professional services, etc.). Any additional donations above $550 a member opt to donate will be added to granting funds.

Do I have to live in the Twin Ports to join?

No. There are no residency requirements for membership.

Depending on when I join, will I be eligible to vote on this year’s grants?

We welcome women to join at any time during the year, and those whose membership donation is paid by December 31st are eligible to vote on the following year’s grant recipients. Those who choose to join after this deadline are still considered full members, are welcome to attend the Awards Luncheon in the latter part of the year, and can participate in other events.

If I’m unable to attend the Annual Awards Celebration, may I still cast my vote?

Yes. But we hope you can make it! Before the annual awards celebration, members receive information on each finalist. Included in this information will be an absentee ballot and instructions on how to cast your vote before the meeting if you’re unable to attend.

My company matches funds for charitable donations. May I give half and have my company match it?

Yes. However, membership becomes effective and voting rights accrue when the entire $550 is received by the Twin Ports Women’s Foundation, no later than December 31. Additionally, membership accrues only to the individual. Companies will not receive any voting or other membership rights. Remember that each company has its own funding cycle and deadlines.

Will you accept memberships or gifts charged on a credit card?

Yes! We accept online and credit card contributions, however, an administrative fee may be charged for the service.

Can I donate less than $550 to the Twin Ports Women’s Foundation?

Yes, as an all-volunteer organization, we greatly appreciate additional donations. The funds will be used to add to any grants we make less a 10% administrative fee; and while your donation does not provide you with voting or participatory rights, it helps ensure that 100% of each member’s $500 donation is used to fund the grants.

Can I sponsor a member?

Yes, the Twin Ports Women’s Foundation welcomes sponsored members. If you wish to sponsor a family member or friend, we will register the donation in their name and they will receive all the benefits of membership.

Can men join the Twin Ports Women’s Foundation?

Men are welcome to become Friends of the Twin Ports Women’s Foundation. Men may donate on behalf of the women in their lives so that those women can become members. Donations may be made in honor or memory of an individual.

How many events are planned each year for the entire membership? Are there additional fees associated with the annual awards celebration or other events?

The Twin Ports Women’s Foundation offers education events including an annual meeting where the current grant recipients are introduced to members. These events are free for Twin Ports Women’s Foundation members.

How are decisions made regarding organizations that will be supported?

The Twin Ports Women’s Foundation does not limit grant making to women and girls as beneficiaries. We look for critical needs, new ventures and innovative approaches to solving problems. The grants committee, open to any interested members, thoroughly evaluates grant proposals and selects up to ten projects for the ballot. The amount of money available to award from the Twin Ports Women’s Foundation is determined by the funds collected by the end of the year. The projects selected for funding reflect the diverse interests of the membership.